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Business Support Studio offers comprehensive, high-end administrative solutions. Our range of administration services have been selected specifically to help elevate your online profile in the most professional manner possible. All our options are backed by extensive in-house expertise.


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Remote Administration Specialist

Our in-house resource has worked at the highest level as EA to the Company Secretary of a London based global blue chip company. View skill-set



Customer and Staff surveys are extremely powerful tools. Information obtained from your customers and staff can be invaluable in resolving issues within your business. Learn more


Content Strategy

Copywriting know-how to elevate your message and brand high above your competition’s. Learn more


In-house training

Use our social media experience to up-skill your own team members. Learn more


Online surveys conducted independently are the quickest, most effective method of measuring customer satisfaction with products and services, or staff satisfaction with their jobs and work environment. They play a crucial role in exposing existing and potential issues and thereby contribute to running a healthy business.

  • Measure customer loyalty
  • Identify buying behaviour
  • Obtain referrals
  • Discover your target market
  • Improve communications
  • Start an open dialogue with your team
  • Measure levels of satisfaction
  • Uncover issues you didn’t know existed

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How do you help your brand emerge from a pool of competitors who claim that each and every one of them is the best among all the others? One good answer is by creating a good content strategy that will effectively persuade your target market to buy your product or avail your services. In the hopes of making you understand how we come up with an effective content strategy, we’ve laid down an overview of a few objectives that we aim for, whenever we’re presented with an opportunity to work for a brand.

Key Objectives
  • Unique content
    You don’t want to look common to your consumer and end up being average among a sea of competitors. In a crowd of products and services in the same industry, how do you differentiate yourself and make your brand stand out? We do this by making sure that all your content is unique. This way, we can grab the attention of your target market
  • Personalisation
    Another way to furnish sincerity is by personalising your brand. Trust is a major ingredient in conversion. Once you are able to establish sincerity, you will start to gain loyal customers
  • Thought Leadership
    It’s one thing to be a top seller in the market, it’s another thing to be expert in a particular field. With a planned and well-executed content strategy, even start-up businesses can grow from small to expert quickly. We ensure that all your online content is both useful and informative
  • Consistency
    Content marketing entails a lot of time and effort. We know it can be tedious and mind-boggling, but we always keep it in mind that your content should always align with your brand voice and personality 

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Social Media has become the medium of choice for online business advertising. We provide your nominated team member with the skills necessary to keep on top of your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram promotions.

  • More Opportunities to Convert
    Regular Social Media output keeps your brand fresh and current
  • Less Marketing Cost
    Keep you marketing costs down by upskilling in-house
  • Run your own schedule
    Having your own in-house expertise allows you to retain control over your social media campaign scheduling

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Flexibility has been a key advantage to the services of BSS Ltd, the participant communications have been handled impeccably.  They have great expertise in the “introduction” process to reassure survey participants  of the confidentiality and neutrality of the survey, and have a very good system thanking all of the survey database at the conclusion of the process.

Gerald Delany

Business Support Studio Ltd, are key partners in supporting the professional delivery of surveys.  I know that when I work with them they will execute with diligence and efficiency and provide a level of quality that underlines my brand.  There are few people that I’m confident to trust with my client portfolio and Business Support Studio Ltd is part of that select group.

Jonathan Sweeney
ICU Big Ltd

Business Support Studio facilitated a customer survey so that my client, and I could discover areas for improvement to make the customer experience even more positive and enjoyable. The result was powerful, the client made subtle changes straight away and continues to work on others to ensure the sustainability of his business. Business Support Studio provided a high level of professional input with the questions, and built the findings into an effective report, with a level of quality that was way above expectations. I thoroughly recommend Business Support Studio for supporting Advisors in the field with their diverse skills and product offerings.

John Dyer
Keystone Business Services Ltd

We were a newish company offering an innovative, high-tech fuel polishing technology to an uneducated NZ market; and, to be honest, we didn’t really know how to go about getting our name out there. Enter the team at Business Support Studio who put what we are and what we do into images and words that fit our business ethos, eco-awareness, and unique offering to a ‘T’. They listened to us, consulted with us, and guided us every step of the way, even to the extent of ‘Kiwi-ising’ our international umbrella brand, IPU Group, and making it immediately relevant to a New Zealand audience. What we ended up with were two two top-class, totally fit-for-purpose websites that are as attractive as they are effective.

Rob Marsden
Fuel Clean Ltd

Pam, Geoff and Chrissie from Business Support Studio were fabulous to work with.  We went to them to redesign our website, bring it up to date, make it more personalised and user friendly.  They delivered on time, within budget and nothing was too much trouble.  We had numerous meetings both in person and on zoom to keep each other up to date with design ideas.  We are very happy to recommend them for web design  solutions.

Bev Foster
Omaha Bay Vineyard