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Website Creation

Be your virtual you.
Get found online.
Get customers.
Get read, get loved, get contacted.

Website Upgrade

Put on some digital slap and get back out into that online marketplace with new-found confidence.

Brand Identity

Keeping it constant! Everything you need to get your business noticed in a crowded marketplace and attract admiring glances from across a crowded virtual room.

Email Campaigns

Don’t wing it, plan it. Online broadcasts tailored specfically to your target audience.


What do your staff or customers really think about you? We can help you find out. 

What makes us different

We take the time to distil the essence of your company into your online presence.

What we give you is your company – everything you can deliver, everything you stand for – in digital format. We bottle the ultimate expression of what makes your company so special and use it to paint an online picture to attract would-be customers.

We are fun, we are approachable, and we have decades of collective experience to draw on; but we never lose sight of the uniqueness of each of our clients. 

Our Latest Work

Size honestly doesn’t matter! From sole traders – tradies, consultants, advisors – to larger service companies – food packing experts, car park line markers, industrial spill specialists – our design capabilities embrace the lot. We tell the world what it is you’re good at without ever losing sight of the You behind Your Business. Take a look at some of our latest creations:


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DJS Cabinetry

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Add colour and dimension to your online presence

We provide background administration and branding services to sole traders and small businesses.

  • Helping you achieve your goals
  • Finding solutions that match your growth
  • Affordable, flexible packages

Your investment with us is designed to:

  • Fit your budget and your needs
  • Reduce daily frustrations
  • Fine tune your marketing

We want you to stand out
from the competition!

Proactively partnering with you

How it works

We understand sole traders and small businesses are busy working on their customers’ demands and have little time to develop their marketing. By partnering with you to elevate your overall brand and online presence we ensure that you do not fall behind in an increasingly digitally dependant world.

Create or improve your online presence.

Continue to build your brand and increase your corporate visibility.

Succeed in your chosen market.

Why us?

Because we’re a fantastic team of people who are fun to work with, talk to and bounce ideas off.


No matter what type of business you’re operating, it’s obvious that having a strong, searchable online presence is key to capturing potential customers.

We all know that statistics can be bent and twisted out of shape to mean, well, anything really, so we’ve tried to select only those that truly speak for themselves. The percentages shown below throw into sharp relief exactly how much NZers are increasingly reliant on their PCs, tablets, and smartphones to find goods and services online. The message is self-evident: If you want a slice of that huge online pie, get yourself a digital presence. 

  • New zealand consumers who search for goods and services online 97% 97%
  • Kiwis state that the internet is the first place they look for information 80% 80%
  • New Zealand businesses that do not have a website 62% 62%
  • Kiwis prefer to buy products from new zealand instead of foreign countries 53% 53%

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