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If it’s beautifully presented somebody will buy it; and that’s why graphics and design are so important in branding. A uniform and nicely executed brand identity will help your target market recognise you instantly and remember you in a good way.


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We’ll take a look at what you already have and perform an audit on it.



We examine your brand identity and analyse its appropriateness to your business and its effectiveness in making you stand out from competitors in your field.



Optimising any type of client-facing look means focusing on the overall feel of your business – the message it communicates and signals it gives – and may include your choice of typography, logo, and even your actual packaging.



Your client-facing image has to reflect what you do, why you do it, and how it makes you different. It has to be consistent, it has to stand out from the crowd, and it has to look professional.

Elevate the look of your brand

Let us revitalise your existing brand or elevate it into something excitingly new and attention grabbing. Our entire focus is on presenting your company to the outside world in the most professional and attractive way possible. 


Your logo is the most immediately recognisable element in your brand arsenal. Its function is to bypass the intellectual centre and appeal directly to your emotions, reigniting trust in your company and products.

We take great care to ensure that your logo is the perfect match for what you and your organisation represent.

Key Objectives
  • It has to be appropriate
    By making sure that your brand and logo are in line, we ensure that your values, messaging, and personality are reflected in a consistent manner
  • It has to be unique
    Every client is a blank slate for our creativity. Everything we design for you is created for you and you alone
  • It has to be memorable
    A properly designed logo is powerfully evocative. It is closely linked to your target audience’s ability to accurately recall your particular company’s product or service
  • It has to be timeless
    We create logos for our clients that are designed to withstand the test of time


Business cards are not old school. They play an important role in personal contact with your clients or prospects. Great looking business cards equals great first impression. We design cards that reflect your brand and accurately and concisely summarise what you offer.

  • Differentiate yourself from others
    Our cards are designed to stand out from the others
  • Presents professionalism
    Makes a statement to the recipient of the card that you are confident and capable in the services you are offering
  • Facilitates networking
    Business cards remain a tangible and enduring networking tool
  • Helps to promote your business
    Every business card handed out extends your brand identity


All client facing documentation should be consistent and attractive and reflect your brand. This applies across the entire spectrum from Powerpoint presentations to invoice headers. Every document, be it hard copy or digital, is an opportunity to promote your brand.

  • Create consistency
    Documentation standardisation makes the statement that you care about your company’s identity; that you take pride in how you present to the outside world. It fosters the impression that you are consistent and reliable in all your undertakings
  • Save time and money
    Being able to draw on standarised templates saves time and money 
  • Professional image
    One of the most important purposes for using templates is to project a professional image. 

Our branding services include:



  • Logo Design
  • Soft Copy Templating
  • Hard Copy Templating
  • Digital Presentation Templating
  • Business Card Design
  • Business Card Printing

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