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Provide your database

You provide us with a database of your target audience. A customer request for confidentiality will be respected.


Select your questions

You select questions to ask.  If you need some examples, we can supply a sample question list.


Offer an incentive

Offering some form of incentive or reward is proven to improve the response rate.


We send your survey

The survey will go out with your company branding but with a note that we are conducting it on your behalf.


We monitor responses

Surveys run for two weeks with a reminder sent after the first week to any non-respondents.


We collate the results

Allow three days from the close off date for collation and analysis


What are the benefits of a customer survey?

A customer survey is an important tool for helping you find what areas of your business require improvement. Results can help gain an insight into what your customers are looking for, expect and any concerns they may have.

I don't know what questions I should be asking my customers, can you help?

Definitely. We have experience conducting surveys for over 15 years, so can assist you with formulating your questionnaire.

How many customers can I survey?

As long as the customers are part of your database, there is no limit you can survey. However, if you have a database of over 3000 it is adviseable to fine tune your selection of customers by category some suggestions are: past and present, last spend date, spend amount. Remember it just as important to find out why some customers no longer deal with you or have dropped in sales.

How often should I do a customer survey?

We recommend that a survey be taken at least every 12 months to assess changes in the business and to ensure that you continue to have a good appreciation of the feelings of your customers.

Why is it important to offer a prize?

Offering a prize (or incentive) can help encourage respondents to complete your survey. Most people usually offer an incentive of around $200. Incentives can be anything from a Prezzy Card, donation to a charity or an instore credit. Talk to us for more ideas.

How many questions can I ask?

We recommend a maximum of 30 questions.  A mixture of open-ended and multiple choice questions yields the best results.  A survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Can you help me analyse the results?

Our analysis will provide a bullet pointed section of issues that may be of concern to your business.  If the survey findings unearth a concern, we can put in touch with one of our affliates.

Why is it important to carry our a staff survey?

Conducting a staff survey is a good way to measure employee engagement, identify any potential issues and promote a positive culture within your organisation. They also give staff the chance to feel heard, which can result in a number of benefits to your business and be a major part of the company’s success.

What is the process for conducting a staff survey?

We draft a staff survey with the questions you have provided. We send a draft email with the link for you to approve. Once everything is approved we send the survey to your staff. Once all staff have completed the online survey, we collate the answers and send through the analysis.

What are the benefits of having someone external undertake my survey?

To truly get the an accurate picture of how your business is performing internally having a third-party establishes confidentiality between employee and employer. Staff are more likely to be open and honest with their answers when an external source is involved.


Flexibility has been a key advantage to the services of BSS Ltd, the participant communications have been handled impeccably.  They have great expertise in the “introduction” process to reassure survey participants  of the confidentiality and neutrality of the survey, and have a very good system thanking all of the survey database at the conclusion of the process.

Gerald Delany

Business Support Studio Ltd, are key partners in supporting the professional delivery of surveys.  I know that when I work with them they will execute with diligence and efficiency and provide a level of quality that underlines my brand.  There are few people that I’m confident to trust with my client portfolio and Business Support Studio Ltd is part of that select group.

Jonathan Sweeney
ICU Big Ltd

Business Support Studio facilitated a customer survey so that my client, and I could discover areas for improvement to make the customer experience even more positive and enjoyable. The result was powerful, the client made subtle changes straight away and continues to work on others to ensure the sustainability of his business. Business Support Studio provided a high level of professional input with the questions, and built the findings into an effective report, with a level of quality that was way above expectations. I thoroughly recommend Business Support Studio for supporting Advisors in the field with their diverse skills and product offerings.

John Dyer
Keystone Business Services Ltd