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The Internet’s been around since the late 1990’s and, by crikey! how it’s developed.

It’s an online catwalk out there – and the house is packed with buyers.

So make sure it’s your offering that gets noticed.

If you’ve been offering your services and products online for a while, you’ll know how much effort goes into keeping your website up-to-date. It’s far too easy to get side-tracked and divert your creative energy into other areas. The result is that, even with the best of intentions, that online first port of call for potential new business – your website – can become neglected, outdated, or, in some worst case scenarios, inaccurate.

And even with well-maintained websites, getting the right balance between being seen to be ‘edgy’ – having the latest whizz-bangs, being in front – and having a logical easy-to-navigate layout, can be difficult. 

Your website has to be logical, the design has to flow. The user should not have to work too hard to find your contact details or your phone number, because,  9 times out of 10, that is exactly what they are looking for. An interesting little exercise is to get someone who doesn’t know you to take a look at your current website and, based solely on the information they find there, tell you what it is they think you do and offer. The results may surprise you.

So, whether, for whatever reason, your website has become outdated and neglected and needs a little love and attention, or the online message you are trying to convey is a little hard to interpret, Business Support Studio is here to help.





In consultation with you (after all, you know your own business best) we analyse the original website and work out how much of it we can use



Develop – We then create a coherent and up-to-date website using the latest CMS, layouts and flow, updating your look, feel, and uniqueness as we go.



Launch – All our websites come with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google maps.  This lets the bots do their job of finding the site.

Why choose us?

We are a small, cohesive team, each of us with experience in all aspects of business and design (and some other weird and wonderful things to boot).  We’re fun, we’re very, very approachable, and we definitely won’t bamboozle you with jargon. Our job, and our commitment to you, is that we will explain the way forward as simply and concisely as we can.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective – Invest in your on-line presence, our websites start at $2000+GST. You also get 2 hours’ worth of free updates after the site has gone ‘live’.

Latest Designs

Constantly updated layouts, teamed with our own designer give unique and arresting websites.

Freebie Hosting

The first year hosting is free. We’ll host your domain name and your website under the same roof. Keeps it all clean and tidy.


Give us your words and we will package them for the best effect.


Supplying Website Content

Images are easy enough – you just tell us what you want included. But if you’re worried about supplying us with the words, please don’t be.

To many web owners, creating and/or updating the content can be the scariest part of the ride. How does it make me sound? Am I getting my message across? We get that, and we are here to help you through it.

Here at Business Support Studio, we have the services of an experienced copywriter whose job it is to tighten up your grammar and punctuation without affecting the distinctive tone of your own voice and message. And if you are concerned about supplying us with images, or you don’t currently have enough of them, we may be able to source you some alternatives from sites set up to cater for the business community. Having said that, we do prefer images from your own business as they are able to convey your message and tell your story far more effectively than off-the-shelf substitutes.

Ongoing Support
and Changes

We understand that any of the operational parameters vital to a small or medium business – staff, products, premises, and so on – can be subject to change.  For a small monthly fee, we will take care of any corresponding minor changes you would like to make to your website, such as updating photos, changing phone numbers and addresses, creating new product pages, etc.

The techie bits and bobs


You’ll always have the latest look – We utilise the most up-to-date WordPress technology (the Content Management System with the largest share of the world’s website market).


To ensure that the websites we create remain within your budget, we keep a close eye on the many freebie plug-ins developed and made available by the wider WordPress community.


Web browser and hardware technology changes regularly. Our preferred approach is to look forward, not back. User experience will be appropriate to the capabilities of their software or hardware.  

Modern techniques – Old-fashioned values
What’s not to like?

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