In the business world, anonymity is not your friend. It’s got to be your business that stands out from the crowd. Even when clients are not seeking your own services, it still pays to catch their eye so that, when the time comes, they’ll know immediately where to find you. And when you engage with Business Support Studio to elevate your business profile, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonably it can be achieved.

Why develop your own brand?

New Zealand is absolutely chock-full of small to medium enterprises going for a slice of their own sector’s pie. A few businesses are lucky enough to keep ticking over through word-of-mouth and other referrals, but the reality is that most aren’t. That majority has to compete with an ever larger, hungrier, and digitally more competent pack. And you need to have an edge to stand out from the pack.

Elevating your company’s visibility by developing your own brand has a push and pull effect. You push your individuality and message when you need to market, while standing out as a high profile beacon to attract clients actively seeking out your particular goods or services.

If you have no point of difference, if potential clients can’t readily identify who you are or what you do, the whole thing becomes a game of chance and you have to hope that it’s your company name that gets randomly picked out from all your competitors.

Simply put, building a recognisable brand adds several inches to your business height.

The importance of brand consistency

Brand comes in all shapes and sizes. The emphasis can be on colours, a logo, slogans, a location, a product, even staff – essentially, whatever works for you and what you do. Some operations, like Coca-Cola or McDonalds, hit on a massively visible symbol which never changes, and use other branding techniques like slogans – It’s the Real Thing, I’m lovin’ it – to run individual campaigns.

And brand doesn’t stop at your website or e-mail campaigns. It is most effective when it permeates all your client-facing interactions and communications. When you pitch to prospective clients, when you send invoices to existing clients, when you supply supporting documentation; it is an opportunity to advertise who you are and what you do.

The important thing, though, is that, whatever technique or combination of techniques you adopt, it is instantly recognisable as representing you and nobody else. With branding, there is no room for confused messages. At Business Support Studio, we have design specialists with decades of collective experience across multiple industries. We know what works and what does not, and we keep it all up to date with the most recent research into branding enhancement techniques such as colour psychology.

Maintaining brand

Taking care of your brand is like taking care of your physical appearance. The better and fresher you look, the more attractive you become to others. But make sure you keep an eye on your brand. Don’t let it go stale and don’t let it become irrelevant to who you are because people will notice. It is absolutely vital to have your brand in hand, because when you are on your promotional game, people do notice you.

Consider also that brands can evolve. What works for one phase in your company’s evolution may not necessarily be appropriate for the next. Be willing to metamorphose your image to keep pace with changing markets, audiences, and technologies thereby keeping your company one step ahead of the competition. Business Support Studio can help you with all of that.

Chinese Language Support

An increasing number of NZ businesses are either already involved in, or reaching out to, the Chinese market. At Business Support Studio we have the facility to tailor that aspect of your branding to appeal to a Mandarin or Cantonese speaking audience. Our Hong Kong born resource is also very experienced in Chinese export and import procedures and regulations. 

Please contact us to learn more about this unique asset in our company’s offerings.


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